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Retirement Plans

401k, SIMPLE IRA, SEP, 403b, 457 Plans

Our approach to servicing our retirement plan clients is unique to the financial services industry. The industry will typically herd employees into a "group" enrollment meeting, talk miles above the participants head, and ask them to fill out their enrollment forms. Afraid of looking dumb in front of their co-workers, questions are not asked and employees leave with a half hearted understanding of one of their most important benefits. The bewildered employees either don't sign up, make random selections themselves, or take advice from another non-investment professional. Truly an unfullfilling and dangerous experience.

At Agnone & Associates Financial Services we take a "hands on" approach that has resulted in great service for our retirement plan clients.

In addition to group informational sessions, we sit with each participant individually. All employee questions are handled professionally and in the context of their individual situation. We will meet with your employees in one of three places:

  • Your place of business
  • Our office
  • Their home

Why? Because we recognize that your employee may make financial decisions in conjuntion with their spouse, parent etc...and are not qualified to relay important information about their retirement plan on an accurate and complete basis. We will explain the plan in detail and make recommendations that dovetail with the family's existing investments and future plans.

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